Our Head Office is responsible for 3 areas of company development.

1. Global Africa Outsourcing Solutions

2. Hub Service for African Affiliates

3.Consulting & Information

Global Africa Outsourcing

There are 4 services available ex-UK for all our clients. These include Product Compliance, Export Operations, Trade Finance And Export Sales. Read more

Hub Service Africa Affiliates

From the Head Office located in the UK we operate a Hub Management Service for KIMCO Africa Affiliates and our clients. Read more

Consulting & Information

With our associated company Trendtype Ltd we offer a content subscription service, special reports, databases and bespoke consulting. Read more

Outsourcing Principles

'Outsourcing' is...
... common business practice and trend across all industries. It is used by different companies by transferring portions of work to outside suppliers rather than completing internally.

Outsourcing is best practiced when...

  1. there is no (sufficient) internal capacity or competence
  2. an expert is needed to support own management
  3. the outsourcing solutions improves your performance
  4. the overall set-up results in lower costs
  5. the outsourced scope of services is not the core business activity

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African Affiliates

A unique alliance of affiliate companies offering a basket of services in key African countries.

Read more